PGNiG: less gas from Russia, LNG imports on the rise

Diversification of Poland’s natural gas supply sources and directions is progressing. The share of gas imports from Russia dropped to ca. 60% in 2019, from ca. 67% in 2018, as opposite to LNG, whose share in total imports increased to ca. 23%, from 20% a year earlier.

German port’s first STS LNG bunkering

A German port has carried out its first ship-to-ship (STS) LNG bunkering procedure, only the second operation of its kind to be undertaken in Germany.

There are too few refueling stations for LNG vehicles in Poland. This inhibits the development of this fuel market

The share of LNG in sea and road transport will grow. - This is the fuel of the future: ecological, more economical, quieter and at the same time widely available - says Marcin Płocharski from the Polish LNG Platform. Liquefied natural gas will work in road transport provided that appropriate infrastructure is developed. There are only four charging points in Poland, and just over half a thousand LNG powered vehicles. A similar barrier is encountered when using LNG as a fuel in maritime transport.