PGNiG: less gas from Russia, LNG imports on the rise

Diversification of Poland’s natural gas supply sources and directions is progressing. The share of gas imports from Russia dropped to ca. 60% in 2019, from ca. 67% in 2018, as opposite to LNG, whose share in total imports increased to ca. 23%, from 20% a year earlier.

German port’s first STS LNG bunkering

A German port has carried out its first ship-to-ship (STS) LNG bunkering procedure, only the second operation of its kind to be undertaken in Germany.

There are too few refueling stations for LNG vehicles in Poland. This inhibits the development of this fuel market

The share of LNG in sea and road transport will grow. - This is the fuel of the future: ecological, more economical, quieter and at the same time widely available - says Marcin Płocharski from the Polish LNG Platform. Liquefied natural gas will work in road transport provided that appropriate infrastructure is developed. There are only four charging points in Poland, and just over half a thousand LNG powered vehicles. A similar barrier is encountered when using LNG as a fuel in maritime transport.

Polish LNG Conference 2019 - event summary

Over 80 participants gathered during this year’s Polish LNG Conference that took place in Arche Hotel Geologiczna on 28th November in Warsaw, Poland. This was the 3rd edition of the event, aimed at bringing together stakeholders from all corners of the LNG sector with a simple goal, exchange of knowledge and experiences that could be used to further propagate the LNG sector. This year’s event focused on an analysis of Poland’s role on the regional LNG scene, current advancements in the sector and future planned investments. However, as during previous editions of the conference, it stayed true to the tradition of international case studies presented by foreign delegates.

PGNiG enters small scale LNG market in Lithuania

For the period of five years, Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) will be the sole user of the small-scale LNG reloading station in Klaipeda. For PGNiG, this is an important step in building competence and position on this market in Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea basin. The contract with Klaipedos Nafta (KN) was signed today in Klaipeda and actual operations will start from April 2020.

Contract for the purchase of key equipment for the Expansion Program of the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście signed

Polskie LNG signed a contract with Selas-Linde - a company which will deliver SCV vaporisers, i.e. the equipment necessary for the Expansion Program of the LNG Terminal in Świnoujście. The SCVs are the heart of the plant, enabling the Terminal to send out natural gas after regasification - currently at 5 billion m3 annually, and up to 7.5 billion m3 after the Expansion Program has been completed.

Zero excise duty on CNG and LNG has become a fact

From August 14, 2019, a zero excise duty rate applies to natural gas intended for combustion engines (CN 2711 11 00 and 2711 21 00), i.e. liquefied natural gas LNG and compressed natural gas CNG, and biogas (regardless of the code CN), hydrogen and biohydrogen (CN 2804 10 00) intended for propulsion of combustion engines.

UPM designs seven new vessels with the Spliethoff Group for its sea transportation in Europe

UPM enters into a long-term charter agreement with the Finnish Bore Ltd and the Dutch Wijnne Barends, both affiliates of the Dutch Spliethoff Group. Together, the companies will design and build seven state-of-the-art vessels for sustainable sea transportation for UPM in Europe.

Floating terminal and additional gas pipelines ready in 2025.

The Floating LNG Terminal in Gdańsk and additional sections of gas pipelines that will bring out the gas into the Polish system will be ready in 2025 - the governments plenipotentiary for strategic infrastructure Piotr Naimski told us Tuesday.

Polish LNG Platform Seminar

On Thursday 27 June this year a seminar of the Polish LNG Platform entitled "LNG in Poland - the latest achievements and challenges" was held at DNV GL Poland headquarters in Gdynia.